U jedanaestogodišnjem vođenju bloga imao sam priliku intervjuirati Madonnine najbliže suradnike – nama dobro poznata Donna DeLory, plesači Mihran Kirakosian i Jull Weber, te posljednji intervju s lebanonskim dizajnerom Shadyjem Zeineldineom. Nastavio sam nizati imena i u Madonna Adria ruhu. Kroz intervjue upoznali smo se s plesačima Jamalom Storyjem i Riki Onoderom.


Plesač na turneji Sticky & Sweet Tour 2008. – 2009. i u spotu “4 Minutes”.

Madonna Adria: Hello Rikiccho, welcome to Madonna Adria. How are you?
Riki: Hi! I’m fine, glad to see you guys!

Madonna Adria: You started training as a dancer in your native country, Japan. What made you decide you wanted to be a dancer?
Riki: When I was 14 years old I copied Michael Jackson everyday everyday everyday and I quit coping him when I was 22 years old. I didn’t wanna be a copy. I didn’t wanna be just a dancer. I just wanted to do my own dance, I wanted to be myself. Like him, Michael. So, I invented my moves, sometimes, I learned from many other dancers from videos and mixed them altogether. The most important thing was to be myself. It made me professional. Of course, I respect all dancers. Don’t misunderstand me! (Laughs)

Madonna Adria: How has your career changed after working with Madonna?
Riki: This is a sad story, but I have to say. It changed almost nothing. Japanese dance scene is very political and the showbusiness scene is more like that. And I don’t work with any management company. You know what I mean? Some people say “Madonna’s dancer! GREAT!”, and some people say “Madonna’s dancer, so what?”. RESPECT’s everywhere, ENVY’s and jealousies are also everywhere. But its not big problem for me. I just keep practicing, cause I wanna get more to group.

Madonna Adria: Recently you teamed up with your new student Yukabon. How do you work as a team?
Riki: Yes. Thank you for your question about this. How did you know that? (Laughs) It’s simple. We practice, and make routines, and some company offer us stages, and we do our show. I wish we could do the shows all over the world.

Madonna Adria: Madonna fans saw you the first time in the video “4 Minutes”. Did you like shooting the video and could you share with us some of the memories you have from that day? How was meeting Madonna for the first time?
Riki: Yes, that was amazing. At first, we arrived at the studio, and we could see Madonna and Justin Timberlake practicing their choreography. Then, Madonna found us and introduced herself like this “Hi! I am Britney Spears!”. We laughed. (Laughs)

Madonna Adria: How did you get to the audition for Madonna’s tour and do you have a particular memory of that day?
Riki: No auditions. Madonna found us on YouTube and contacted us directly.

Madonna Adria: What’s your favorite number or dance routine from the Sticky & Sweet Tour and why?
Riki: My favorite was Rain because that was based on my DANCE movie called WASOU和装. Madonna saw my movie and she wanted it for her show.

Madonna Adria: Did you work on any song or number that was not included in the final set list?
Riki: No.

Madonna Adria: Do you have any funny story that happened behind the scenes with Madonna?
Riki: I drank Madonna’s Redbull energy drink by mistake. (Laughs)

Madonna Adria: What’s your fondest memory of being on tour with Madonna?
Riki: We drank at Elton John’s house, Lenny Kravitz’s house, Timberland’s house, we met Naomi Campbell, Penelope Cruz, Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell, and some other celebrity people, those were good memories. But most important memory was that we could meet people and could see landscapes of the world. It’s the fondest.

Madonna Adria: During the long time on the road, you visited Belgrade (Serbia) and Budva (Montenegro) and got in touch with many different fans. How was that experience for you?
Riki: Very exciting people, after the show, they wanted our dresses. Some people said “how much? I wanna buy!”, one dancer sold his own jacket. It’s crazy! (Laughs)

Madonna Adria: Hamutsun Serve released two EP albums with Big Baby, Hamutsun Serve with Big Baby in 2008 and Hamutsun Serve With Big Baby 2 in 2009. Are you planning to release any new music soon?
Riki: GREAT question! Yes, but not as Big Baby. It’s so sad Big Baby was over. In this coming spring, I’m gonna start my new band AXEL. Once the recording is done, I will let you know!

Madonna Adria: What are you currently working on, and what your fans should expect from you soon?
Riki: We HAMUTSUN SERVE CREW gonna shoot our new DANCE movies. You guys can check it at YouTube this year, I think. Of course, I will let you know when it’s done if you want.

Madonna Adria: What advise would you give to young people who have the dream to become dancers today?
Riki: Just be you. Don’t try to be somebody else. Don’t stop learning.

Madonna Adria: Rikiccho, thanks so much for this interview. We wish you all the best!
Riki: My pleasure! THANX THANX THANX a lot!


Plesač na turneji Drowned World Tour 2001.

Madonna Adria: Hello Jamal, welcome to Madonna Adria.

Madonna Adria: Did you know at a young age that you wanted to perform?
JAMAL: I actually did not. I attended a math and science high school fully intending to become an astronomer. It was sort of divine intervention in the sense that dance chose me. From ages 7 to 12, I trained in gymnastics, and it developed a high level of discipline in my body, which helped. So when the option to take ballet for PE was presented, I reluctantly took it and started to love dance. But otherwise, I never imagined I would engage in a career so completely physical. In fact, I still went on to get a degree in journalism as well just in case my dance degree didn’t work out for me.

Madonna Adria: You performed on Broadway in the original casts of both The Color Purple and Motown: the Musical. Talk about the first time you walked onto a Broadway stage to perform.
JAMAL: The first time we performed “The Color Purple” was such a magical experience already because of the legacy of Alice Walker’s book and the extraordinary level of talent in the cast. The process leading up to our first preview was__I have to use this word again__divine, down to the moment Oprah walked into the rehearsal as our new producer. Of course there were cameras and we all lost our minds. On stage, it was a spiritual experience during every performance of the show, which opened with a church sequence that felt more real than theatrical. The cast felt like a community and since that’s what we were off stage, the love was even more tangible.

Madonna Adria: What is the best experience you have had during your time on a Broadway stage?
JAMAL: That’s a hard one! There were hilarious moments that will live in infamy forever and then there were stellar happenings. In both Broadway shows I did, there were tumbling passes that were sort of set up to be “featured” moments, and in both cases I was given permission to take liberties. One night on “Motown the Musical” in a number that no longer exists the way it did then, I added a half-twist to the layout at the end and my colleagues sort of freaked out in the best way because they weren’t prepared. It was a blind landing so there was a collective gasp. I was a dance captain for both shows too, so I helped teach Fantasia, Chaka Khan and Bebe Winans the show. Chaka Khan was particularly fun because I surprised her by picking her up one day; I carried her around the stage so that she would understand she was light enough to be easily lifted. So many stories, enough to populate another book.

Madonna Adria: Dancing in a Broadway musical must take a toll on your body. What is your daily exercise routine?
JAMAL: When I’m in a show, I usually get up in the morning and do some kind of abdominal ritual right off the bat to get centered. If I’m particularly disciplined, I’ll do push-ups as well, all to get core and upper body strong enough to balance the lower body, which will get full fitness just from dancing. It’s the post-show rituals that really save the day though: stretching, cooling down (most dancers don’t explore the benefits of it), rolling out points of muscular tension with tennis balls, golf balls and foam rollers (although in my case it’s a rolling pin). I also do some stretching in the morning if there’s time.

Madonna Adria: Can you tell us about your second book, a dance novel, Toss in the Ether?
JAMAL: I’m so excited about this book! Of course it’s a shout out to all dancers across the dance landscape who trained rigorously and daily in pursuit of their dreams. But I wanted to deal with dance in a way that would make it accessible to non-dancers especially. I wanted to show people why it’s important to actually go to dance concerts and support dancers’ work, vs. just watching SYTYCD at home, so I urge dancers to sell Toss in the Ether to everyone they know. It’s about a repertory dance company that is struggling financially and can’t get a new building without really impressing potential funders, and one of the dancers pushes her husband down the stairs. Another dancer is involved in an art sex scandal, there are a few villains, some fight sequences – Toss in the Ether is where dance fiction meets Scandal with a little Memoirs of a Geisha sensitbility. We had to make three trailers for it because words are just not enough to describe it.

Madonna Adria: Your career as a dancer began with Madonna and Cher before launching to the Broadway stage. You are currently a dancer on new Cher’s tour Dressed to Kill Tour, what’s the difference working with Cher and Madonna? Tell us!
JAMAL: Cher and Madonna couldn’t be more different to work for because of the environments their brands create. Cher is an artist whose stamina is a function of hard work and consistency of loved ones, staff, employees over years and years. Madonna is a constantly evolving artist who thrives on hard work and change. She is skilled at reinvention. As a dancer, you may or may not be compatible with the version of herself she presents for the next tour (although I haven’t auditioned again since 2001 to test the theory and I hope she would hire me again if I did). I think I’ve spent more time with Cher herself, although I’ve also been working her for a lot more years. I also knew that while both legends had me in few clothes hanging upside down in front of thousands of people every other night, Madonna is much more controversial, so there were always high stakes.

Madonna Adria: Do you have any special memories of the auditions for Drowned World Tour? Was that the first time you got to meet Madonna and Jamie King?
JAMAL: I have a million special memories of that audition week. First of all, the line wrapped around an entire city block of Manhattan, across 8th Street and down Broadway. There was an audition hotline, so anybody, and I mean ANYBODY could be seen. If you had a special skill, anything from Argentine tango to sword swallowing, you could prepare a two-minute presentation and go through a shorter line before learning the Mia Michaels combination. My dance/acrobatic solo was impossible in the small studio, but I did it anyway, nearly tumbling out of the open window and on to Lafayette Street.
When I made it through this phase, I auditioned for Jamie King and Mia Michaels. After two callbacks, Madonna was finally there to see the remaining dozen or so of us. I remember freestyling for her and then tumbling before we were released back to the holding area. That was the first time I had ever been in the same room with her. I heard she liked my headshot too, which is ironic. Since I didn’t have a commercial headshot before the audition, I enlarged that random photo from college and made due.

Madonna Adria: How was the work behind the scenes of the tour?
JAMAL: The schedule putting the show together was intense. I remember a lot of people asking me then what it was like, expecting that I would share a scandalous 2001 version of “Truth or Dare” with them. The truth is that I didn’t have a lot of contact with Madonna outside of the stage. We spent a little time with her of course, and I experienced a macrobiotic cake for the first time ever. But the majority of behind the scenes touring experiences that stand out were ones the dancers had with each other. I wrote fun journals, but Madonna herself is not the subject of most of them. I was just so happy her work created the opportunity for us to have the fun we did.

Madonna Adria: Can you describe a typical working day, and a day off?
JAMAL: On every tour I’ve done, a working day for dancers is very different than for everyone else. It involves an early call to the theatre to test out the rigging and make sure all the apparatus are functioning as they should. Then we might have a dinner break and spend the time before the show warming up and preparing our bodies. There is usually an energy circle of some sort where the dancers collectively focused on centering ourselves as a unified calm body to handle the sometimes overwhelming flood of excitement from the arena crowd. One of my favorite past-times on the Madonna tour was watching the stampede of fans who had waited in line for hours – sometimes days – to be first in the mosh pit standing room area of the arena, right in front of the stage. I suppose we all had our individuals pre-show rituals; watching the stampede was one of mine.

Madonna Adria: There were a lot of great performances in the Drowned World Tour, what was your favourite number?
JAMAL: I particularly loved performing “Sky Fits Heaven.” I don’t know that there is a video that shows the large scale theatricality and physicality of that number (the HBO DVD doesn’t pan out wide enough to really feature the world Madonna was placed in on stage). But I remember seeing rehearsal footage years ago. It was spectacular to behold and brilliant to perform because it required everything of us: martial arts timing, elite attention to detail, specificity, story-telling. I remember tumbling toward Madonna to begin an offensive attack that was intercepted by other “ninjas.” It was so much fun.
I also grew fond of the Butoh section, mainly because getting to a place of calm while hanging upside down 30 feet in the air by my ankles took lots of time and rehearsal. The costume change was hard too because we had two minutes to exit “Ray of Light,” dash under the stage, strip to a dance belt and get preset for the aerial moment. I’ve journaled in more detail about the magic of that crazy backstage transition as well.

Madonna Adria: Do you remember rehearsing songs that did not made the final version of the show?
JAMAL: I don’t remember rehearsing any songs that didn’t make it into the show, but I think we rehearsed different versions of numbers that didn’t make it into the show.

Madonna Adria: What’s your fondest memory of being on tour with Madonna?
JAMAL: There are so very many standouts, and the majority of them had to do with the closeness I had with the dancers, especially Kemba Shannon, who was actually my roommate in New York before and after the tour. I would have to say that my favorite moment with Madonna happened during the one occasion she agreed to sign paraphernalia for us. She called me “the man who can fly” and then signed on my tourbook, “I hope you know how special you are.”

Madonna Adria: You are an advocate for arts education & serves on the SAG-AFTRA New York Board and co-chairs the National Committee for Dance. You got two degrees from Southern Methodist University. What advice would you give for aspiring artists out there?
JAMAL: I would tell them all to pursue their dreams and balance these pursuits with integrity. It’s important to invest thoroughly and continuously in your craft, understanding that the art is ever evolving. Always be authentic.

Madonna Adria: What are you currently working on? What are your future plans?
JAMAL: I’m working on selling my dance novel, Toss in the Ether, worldwide through e-sales and paperback orders on my website. In addition to setting works on different dance companies and touring with Cher whenever she’s out, I’m working on a one-man show about the challenges of a career in dance. Who knows; maybe when it’s up and touring, Madonna and Cher will show up.


Dizajner kostima za video Living For Love

Hi Shady Zeineldine, welcome to Madonna fan site How are you?
ZEINELDINE: It is a great honor for me to meet you. I am great, just really happy.

You embarked on your career at a remarkably young age, how did you start out?
ZEINELDINE: Yes, I considered fashion my hobby at the age of 7, I’ve always worked at it & I have grown up with it.

Has Lebanon had any influence on your work?
ZEINELDINE: Yes, Lebanon is the place, where you never stop dreaming, and my work is just like a dream.

In terms of design, where do you seek your inspiration?
ZEINELDINE: I seek inspiration from the everyday.

How long does it take you to make a collection, from your first ideas to the show?
ZEINELDINE: Roughly about 4 months, from beginning to end, seeking inspiration, sketching, sewing, runway.

Tell us how did you end up creating the bodysuit for Madonna’s video “Living For Love”?
ZEINELDINE: First I want to thank Madonna’s longtime stylist, B. Akerlund for giving me this opportunity. As a team we discussed the inspiration, created sketches, and got approvals before anything was made.

Where were you, and what was your reaction when you heard you would be working with Madonna?
ZEINELDINE: Madonna is everything to me, I have idolized her fashion and music since I was young, she is my muse. It was early morning her in Lebanon when my PR rep at STYLE PR called to inform me I could not stop jumping from excitement.

Can you tell us about the process of designing Madonna’s costume?
ZEINELDINE: The process began as any other, I was given an inspiration (Matador) and was allowed free reign to design in my aestethic.

How hands- on was Madonna’s team with the costume?
ZEINELDINE: The team allowed me to design as I pleased and they chose the best design for this project.

Are you working on costumes for her upcoming tour and performances (Grammys)?
ZEINELDINE: I can’t tell, you’ll just have to wait and see

Is there anyone else on your design wishlist?
ZEINELDINE: There are many talented artist on my wishlist.

If you could offer any advice for someone trying to break into the industry, what would you say?
ZEINELDINE: I would say love what you do and believe in what you do…nothing is impossible.

What are your plans for the future?
ZEINELDINE: I plan to keep designing, and hopefully keep celebrating when an artist such as Madonna wears my designs.

Shady Zeineldine, thanks for sharing your time with us. All the best for everything coming up! It was really a honour to have you here on

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Plesač u spotovima, na nastupima i turnejama 2005. – 2006.

Dobrodošao, kako se osjećaš? Moram na početku razgovora dodati da imamo isto ime.
MIHRAN: Osjećam se dobro, hvala. Da, imamo i ti si iz Armenije?

– Nedavno je izašao tvoj novi album, reci nešto više o tome.
MIHRAN: Moj album prvijenac je izašao 11.09. ove godine (2009.). Zove se ‘United Streets of ARMerica’. Koncept albuma je prepoznatljivi armenijski zvuk i instrumenti s primjesama današnje hip hop glazbe. Jako je pozitivan i na njemu su odlične dance pjesme. Kada slušaš album razumjet ćeš na što mislim.

– Što imaš u planu za narednih nekoliko mjeseci?
MIHRAN: Novi singl uskoro izlazi, kao i novi video spot. Također planiram predstavljati Armeniju na Euroviziji 2010. Zasigurno imam mnogo posla.

– Išao si na turneju s Madonnom i drugim izvođačima, kako je bilo raditi s popularnom zvijezdom poput Madonne?
MIHRAN: Na ovo pitanje sam odgovorio tisuću puta (smijeh). Zadivljujuće je, plesač si na najvećoj turneji na svijetu i radiš sa glazbenom ikonom. Putovali smo diljem svijeta i radili što smo htjeli, zar postoji nešto bolje od toga? Izuzetno je talentirana i mnogo toga od nje možeš naučiti.

– Kako se tvoja karijera promjenila nakon suradnje s Madonnom?
MIHRAN: Više me cijene kao plesača nakon njene dvije velike turneje.

– S kojim izazovima se susrećeš kao plesač na turneji?
MIHRAN: Kao pravi sportista moraš biti spreman za nastupe za 4 ili 5 dana u tjednu. Publika plaća veliki novac da dođe i gleda Madonnin show, stoga im moramo pružiti najbolji show bez obzira na sve, bez obzira ako si bolestan ili umoran. Publiku ne zanima tvoj privatni život na pozornici, sve što traže jeste odličan show. Moramo dati sve od sebe za svaki koncert.

– Da li si još u kontaktu s plesačima i Madonnom?
MIHRAN: Da, još smo uvijek prijatelji, kao i sa Madonnom. Svi smo ostali u kontaktu. S tim osobama si na turneju jako dugo i postanu ti druga obitelj.

– Zašto nisi nastupio na turneji ‘Sticky & Sweet’?
MIHRAN: Nakon dvije uspješne turneje s Madonnom, osjetio sam da sam sve postigao o čemu sam sanjao kao plesač i više od toga. Tražio sam novi izazov za sebe. Oduvijek sam htio snimiti svoju glazbu, došlo je pravo vrijeme da preuzmem taj izazov.

– Da li si gledao koncert ‘Sticky & Sweet’? Koja je razlika između ove turneje i prošlih?
MIHRAN: Da, u Francuskoj kada sam imao promociju svog albuma, a Madonna je u to vrijeme imala koncerte. Vrijeme se odlično poklopilo, jako sam uživao. To je bio prvi put da gledam Madonnu na pozornici. Jedina velika razlika jeste glazba. Pjevala je većinom nove pjesme sa samplevoima hip hopa. Sve drugo je ostalo isto, od plesanja do rasvjete i LED ekrana. Ovakav odličan show može napraviti samo Madonna.

– Koji ti je nastup s Madonnom ostao u najboljem sjećanju?
MIHRAN: Definitivno Live 8! Nastupili smo pred 250,000 ljudi na Hyde Parku i još 2 bilijuna gledatelja je pratilo naš nastup ispred malih ekrana! Sama činjenica da nas je pratilo pola svijeta je zadivljujuća.

– Hoćeš li ponovo ići na turneju s Madonnom ako te pozove?
MIHRAN: Ne zanima me više nastupanje na turnejama, ali bih volio s njom snimiti pjesmu.

– Koje su ti najdraže Madonnine pjesme?
MIHRAN: ‘Like A Prayer’ i ‘Human Nature’.

– Koliko je Madonna različita za suradnju u odnosu na druge izvođače s kojima si bio na turneji?
MIHRAN: Madonna je perfekcionista, stoga imamo mnogo više proba za turneju nego kod bilo kojeg pjevača. Želi biti sigurna da sve izgleda savršeno. Zbog toga je došla tako daleko u karijeri, radi jako mnogo.

– Kako ti se sviđa naša web stranica?
MIHRAN: Mislim da je super da si posvetio fan site umjetniku kojeg voliš i cijeniš. Nadam se da ćeš uskoro pisati i o meni (smijeh).

– Hvala ti mnogo na razgovoru, sve najbolje!
MIHRAN: Hvala i tebi, tvojoj web stranici želim mnogo uspjeha.

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Madonnin prateći vokal 19 godina na koncertima i u pjesmama

– Welcome to, how are you doing?
DONNA: I am great! Spring is here and I am writing to you! The sweet smell of Jasmine is filling the air, quite intoxicating actually!!!

– What have you got planned for the next few months?
DONNA: I am now planning a tour for the rest of the year that will include many US dates including being a part of the Lilith Fair which is a festival celebrating women in music. You can go to the link on the home page of my site to learn more about it. I am also happy to announce that I will be releasing remixes from my last 3 CDs in May including some from Mac Quayle (who has remixed for Madonna, Whitney and Annie Lennox) he is my dear friend and long time collaborator and currently in my band. The remixes will be available through my site and itunes.

– Growing up who have been some of your musical influences?
MADONNA: My Father Al De Lory was a huge influence to me. He is a keyboard player and producer so I was always around him when he worked in the studio and at concerts. I was influenced by the Beatles of coarse because my older sister used to play the records all of the time. It is probably where I heard some of the eclectic Indian world instruments that I use in my music now like the Tablas and Harmonium and Sitar. I also listened to Fleetwood mac and all of Pop/dance music. Some of my vocal inspirations growing up were Heart, Stevie Nicks, Emmylou Harris, Pat Benetar, Sting and Peter Gabriel my all time favorite artist!!!

– Where do you get the inspirations for your albums?
DONNA: The ideas come from my experiences through relationships and ways that I feel about my life experience. They can also come from dreams. Sometimes I have to get up in the middle of the night to write down or even record a song from my dream. The songs are usually about finding enlightenment through love, finding my own capacity to experience this oneness with another. The mantras that I sing are Sanskrit prayers that I have heard and love the sound of the words. The meaning behind them is always about being humbled and in awe of something greater then ourselves. When I sing them, they open my heart to connect to the infinite possibilities that we all have. Music is such a tool and has been since the beginning of our existence. It can quiet our minds and focus on what is important in Life, what truly makes us happy which is staying connected to one another and giving light and love to each other. You know when you are giving yourself and helping someone how good you feel, right. I believe positive music points us in that direction.

– How did working with Madonna change your music career?
DONNA: Well initially it made me a much more sought after vocalist. Many people wanted me to sing on there records. I always wanted to be an artist so Madonna was a great teacher for me showing me what I wanted and didn’t want. Her attention to detail and her capacity to manage every aspect of her music and performance was amazing and a great example. She was a strong big sister figure to me and knowing her gave me strength in many situations to ask for what I wanted. In 1992 I signed a record deal with MCA Universal and officially started down my road as a recording artist. The company was betting on me to be the next huge pop star like many of the singers I had sung with, Paula Abdul, Belinda Carlyle. and M but honestly, that never felt like a perfect fit for me. I just wanted to learn to write songs from my heart and make the music that inspired me and ultimately made me happy.

– What is the best lesson you learned from Madonna?
DONNA: To not let fear hold me back!

– What’s your fondest memory of touring with Madonna?
DONNA: All of the times on stage were amazing. I would get these feelings of peak moments that I knew I would flash back to when I was a grandmother one day and smile. I remember being in Paris at a park for 100,000 people of more in 1987. Madonna was singing, “no where to run no where to hide”. I was looking out at all of the lighters that people were holding up in the warm summer air. I started crying I was so touched and it felt as if the audience was all one big ocean of love and light waving in the air.

– How come you didn’t go on the Sticky and Sweet Tour this year?
DONNA: I had my baby girl Luciana that year. I knew that by having another child it would initially make it hard for me to do a tour like that. It was time for me to build my life, music and vision.

– Are you still in touch with the dancers from the tours and Madonna?
DONNA: I am in touch with them from time to time. Nicky Richards is my soul sister you know!!!! I LOVE her

– Would you join Madonna on her next tour if u were asked too?
DONNA: Who knows what the future holds!!! I am open to all possibilities.

Message for the Madonna-Adria readers:
Blessings to you all! Sending you all of my love and
DONNA: I look forward to sharing my music with you.
Om Shanti, (Peace)

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Plesač u spotu Don’t Tell Me i na turneji Drowned World

– Dobro došao na moj web site, kako se osjećaš?
JULL: Odlično, ne mogu se žaliti. 🙂

– Što imaš u planu narednih nekoliko mjeseci?
JULL: Zapravo, upravo sada sam snimio jednu scenu za film ‘Honey 2’, isto i osmislio koreografiju za video Juana Luis Guerrae – Također sam producent i glumim u cool znanstveno fantastičnoj webseriji o posrnulim anđelima. Trenutno smo počeli s produkcijom, a prva epizoda je trenutno u izradi. Postavili smo website, kao jedna najava i time pokušavamo dobiti donacije da ostvarimo ovu produkciju iz naših snova. Nadam se da će nam tvoji čitetelji pomoći u realizaciji ovog projekta, posjetite nas na:,,

– Koja glazba je imala utjecaja na tebe dok si odrastao, kakvu glazbu si tada slušao?
JJULL: Volim alternativnu glazbu i techno. Trenutno su mi omiljeni ‘Florence and the Machine’, volim slušati bubnjeve i house.

– Kada se desio tvoj prvi proboj u svijetu showbizza?
JULL: Kada sam plesao s Madonnom za video ‘Don’t Tell Me’. Tada sam stigao iz Los Angelesa i to je bio moj prvi posao. Jedno predivno iskustvo.

– Baviš se glumom, modelingom, izvođač si i plesač, u čemu najviše uživaš?
JULL: Volim glumiti i plesati, što mogu reći, to mi je u genima.

– Misliš li da bi jednog dana mogao snimiti album?
JULL: Da snimim album…hmm, možda jedan odličan techno, alternativni, umjetičko avangarda dijelo, gdje ću jedva pjevati haha.

– Poznat si Madonninim fanovima kao plesač s turneje ‘Drowned World’ i iz videa ‘Dont’ Tell Me’, ali kada si počeo plesačku karijeru?
JULL: Pa, moji roditelji imaju plesni studio u Puerto Ricu više od 25 godina, stoga sam počeo plesati čim sam izašao iz majčine utrobe…lol.

– Sjećaš li se prvog upoznavanja s Madonnom?
JULL: Na audiciji za ‘Don’t Tell Me’ tijekom prozivanja.

– Kako se razlikuje suradnja s Madonnom od ostalih izvođača s kojima si radio?
JULL: Jako je stroga i efikasna. Sve se dešava jako brzo i na vrijeme.

– Je li Madonna tip izvođača s kojim si želio raditi?
JULL: Naravno, ona je najbolja!

– Tvoja prva suradnja s Madonnom se desila za video ‘Don’t Tell Me’. Kojeg iskustva se sjećaš s tog snimanja?
JULL: Sada je to kao san, pogledam unazad i ne mogu vjerovati da se to desilo tako brzo. Sjećam se da sam bio na pijesku u sredini pustinje i tada sam pomislio da bi se mogao baviti s tim poslom.

– Poslije turneje ‘Drowned World’, jesi li išao na Madonnine druge turneje? Kako bi usporedio turneju ‘Drowned World’ i ostale?
JULL: Volim sve što Madonna radi, postaje sve bolja i bolja.

– Koji koncert ti je ostao u sjećanju s turneje ‘Drowned World’ i zašto?
JJULL: Koncert u Los Angelesu, odmah poslije 11.9. terorističkog napada u New Yorku, nezaboravan i dirljiv koncert.

– Kako se tvoja karijera promijenila nakon suradnje s Madonnom?
JULL: Pa, otvorilo je svijet mogućnosti sa nepoznatog plesača iz Puerto Rica. 🙂

– Koji ti je trenutak ostao u sjećanju s Madonnom?
JULL: Jednom sam povrijedio prst i rekla mi je da zadržavam vodu i da trebam smanjiti unos soli. Ima vrlo majčinski pristup.

– Koje su ti najdraže Madonnine pjesme?
JULL: ‘Nothing Really Matters’, obožavam tekst, poruku i video!

(English version will be updated soon)